Wine and other libations

Name: Les Enfants Terribles

Vineyard: Mas Carlot

Vintage: 2007

Grape: 50% Mourvérde, 50% Syrah (old vine)

Location: Rhone Valley

Profile: BIG! This red starts with raspberries morphs into crasins and then finishes with plenty of tannins. The after taste is amazing. Acidic and then strangely chocolately and smooth. Very complex and delightful.

Make sure to let breath before enjoying


Name: Escudo Rojo

Vineyard: Baron Philippe De Rothschild

Vintage: 2007

Grape: red blend

Location: Maipo Valley, Chile

Profile: Smooth, berries and dried fruit. Strangely, there is a slight capsicum (peppery) after taste. Great table wine.

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  1. Afner October 2, 2010 at 12:39 am #

    Excellent blog, my sincere congratulations!

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