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Week 3… a nice change of pace

1 Nov

Week three in this culinary adventure turned out to be much better than expected. Surprisingly, there was a lot of support from the parents and there were more volunteers than ever before. I’m not sure if it was because it was the week of Halloween and the parents were already at the school for parties and such, or if they were generally interested in helping me. Either way I was grateful for they were there. I also met a woman named Jennifer who was happy to help cooking and serving… turns out she’s going to stay on to help me out so I can do more from scratch. I’m very excited!

The lunch menu for the week was uncomplicated. Classic cafeteria fare… or so I thought….

Monday- Meatballs: I did a simple turkey meatball with a bunch of fun dippers. I made hummus and a sweet and sour sauce to dip the meatballs and the veggies in. The kids went crazy for it. Any time you can play with your food it’s a good time. The kids loved the hummus. It’s a huge step in the right direction. Out with the ranch dressing and in with the homemade hummus!

Tuesday- Breakfast Burritos: I know that kids love breakfast for lunch, so why not Latin it up! I put all the spicy stuff on the side and the kids went wild. It was a little tricky for the little ones to eat, but they managed. It was a little tricky making scrambled eggs for 260 but I figured it out to successful results

Wednesday- Chicken Salad: So these kids LOVE chicken salad. Who knew? I was definitely in the weeds this day. I should have poached my chicken the day before, but I didn’t. With all the chicken cooking and cooling, time was getting away from me. The office sent down a few helpers and together we knocked it out of the park. The kids loved it and it was a much healthier alternative to chicken nuggets.

Thurday- Sloppy Joes: I had been warned by several staff members that sloppy joe day was a low number day. I was prepared. I didn’t over order and I knew that it would be a quick, clean service. Well, that’s what I thought. My numbers weren’t huge, but they were certainly not low. 225 was the final count. Not a bad day at all. The kids loved it. They even came back for seconds on the peas! It’s a breakthrough! They like the healthy options and want more. Hooray for staying the path and not reverting to corn as a vegetable.

It was a great week. Everyone liked the food and kept commenting. The volunteers were nicer and more appreciative. It was one of those weeks where you really feel like all the effort is worth. I’m not counting on another week as smooth as this for awhile, but I can hope that the rest of them will be this good.

Always thinking of the next meal