Chocolate peppermint martini

6 Dec

Nothing gets you into the spirit of the holidays like a good sing-a-long and a great cocktail. Sometimes you need it more to get you through the season then into the season, but whatever the case, this is one jolly drink.

First thing first, you need a few candy canes. This process is definitely easier with a food processor, but you can get away with a meat tenderizer and a ziplock bag. Take out those aggressions and pulverize the heck out of those candy canes. Make sure you reserve a few for garnish. Once you’ve made the candy canes into a powdery texture, moisten the rim of your martini glass and dip the rim to cover. Don’t get the glass too wet or you’ll wind up with a runny, sticky, pink mess all over your glass. Set the glass or glasses aside and mix the martini. Here’s the recipe:

Chocolate Peppermint Martini

serves 1
2 oz chocolate vodka
1/2 oz rumple minzee
2 oz good quality milk chocolate melted into 3 oz milk
1/2 teaspoon chocolate extract

shake with ice and serve in prepared glass and garnish with a candy cane

If you are having a holiday party and you need a great punch, make this recipe times 10-12 and then float mint chocolate chip ice cream in the punch bowl. This can be made non-alcoholic but, at that point it’s really just chocolate mint milk. It can be served as a hot toddy, just add the alcohol to the warmed milk and chocolate mixture. One of these while gift wrapping is sure to make those holiday chores fly by.

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