Never Stop Learning

3 Oct

I know that I have posted before about the classes that I offer, however, I’ve made a change in format. I still offer the old format with a laid out syllabus and a definitive result, but now you have another option. This option is a lot more loose and spontaneous. Here’s it is.

1. You and I arrange a date and time that you want me to come to your house.

2. We talk about what type of things you want to learn and I give you a shopping list and you purchase the food on your normal weekly shopping trip.

3. I arrive and we cook together for as long as you want.

That’s it! It’s an hourly price so you control the length of the class. You can invite friends or have your kiddies join it too. It’s all the same hourly price.

Why choose this option? Well if you want to learn the perfect cupcakes, or just make a whole mess of Holiday cookies. Maybe you just want to know how to make the best pumpkin roll. Maybe you always wanted to learn how to roast a turkey or roll sushi. Whatever it is, I can teach you and  it’s easy to fit it into your busy schedule.

The other good news is that we will cook the whole time. If we agree on 2 hours of cooking, we will cook for 2 hours. No standing around waiting for the cookies to bake or chicken to roast. While something is in the oven, we will make sauces or sides, or a second batch of gingerbread. So you will get your money’s worth and then some.

Give me a call and we can make a date to cook!

Always thinking of the next meal


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