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Psychology of Chocolate Chip Cookies

18 Sep

What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to cookies EVERYTHING! You know the moment the words hit your ears. For everyone it’s different. For some, it the crispy spicy bite of a gingersnap. For others, it’s the chewy cinnamon flavors of an oatmeal raisin. But for me, it’s the sweet, decadent childish indulgence of a chocolate chip cookie.

IMG_0808Thankfully my husband shares in this need for chocolate chips, otherwise I’d be making batches of cookies and eating them all myself! Yes, cookies are not the healthiest things that can happen to you, but let’s face it, eating cookies just makes you feel happy.

Every Christmas season, I purchase no less than 3 large serving trays and fill them with a plethora of holiday goodies. No matter how many beautifully decorated sugar cookies there are, no matter how many fruit and nut stuffed rugula there are, and no matter how many Italian butter cookies have been pain-stakenly pressed, the favorite is always my chocolate chip cookies. I derived my cookie recipe from Miss Paula Dean’s recipe for triple chocolate chip cookies. Here’s her version:

Why does this recipe work? Well here’s what I know. The amount of butter and shortening are in perfect ratio. There is enough butter to make the outside of the cookies crispy, but there is enough shortening to keep the inside soft and moist. The balance of the sugar and brown sugar lends the cookie to be sweet, but no so sweet that your teeth hurt afterward. The amount of brown sugar also helps to keep the cookies moist.

You can change what you put in these cookies as well. Instead of chocolate chips, try M&M’s or raisins. Make a “trail mix” cookie by using premixed trail mix. You can also add things like dried fruits and peanut butter chips.

These cookies are a constant request in my house. Make them once and I can guarantee you your household will be all smiles.

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