Open for Business

13 Aug

So I’ve been working on my business a lot recently. I did a job for my mom to cook for my  brother. The menu was fairly simple. Eggplant Parmesean and Straw and Hay (which is basically fettucini in a light alfredo sauce with peas and Italian sausage.)

I’m hoping that with the fall coming up that more people will be having football parties or need a little extra help with dinners. My mom gave me an idea of doing parties like a pampered chef party, but with cooking. You would invite some of your friends over for a cooking party and they would leave with dinner for their family!

So let me break it down…

1. You call me and we decide a menu or menus and a date and time (sounds like a party already)

2. You invite your friends and let me know how many people are coming

3. I show up at your house an hour before your friends with the ingredients and prep for the party

4. You pour the wine and your friends come over

5. We all cook a fabulous meal together

6. Your friends leave with dish and recipe(s) in hand

7. I put the kitchen back to the way it was when I arrived and head home

8. You call me to schedule another fabulous party!

Doesn’t this sound like fun? There’s nothing better than eating and cooking with friends and family! I can also follow this format and make cookies, cakes, breads, desserts, etc. Let me know if you’re interested!

Always thinking of the next meal



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