It’s good, plain and simple

3 Aug

There are few things is life that we can control. As much as we try to keep things in order, ultimately it’s fate, or God, or the universe (or whatever else you believe) that is making the world turn. Interestingly enough, this applies to food. Food looks good in the store and as you go to enjoy that luscious looking peach, you notice it’s too firm, lacking in any sweetness and tastes more like softball than a piece of fruit.

Hopefully you are reading this saying to yourself… What is she talking about? I’ve never had a peach that’s less than the peak of perfection… but, if you’re not, read on.

Let’s face it, even if you’ve never had a formal education on how to recognize the best produce, you know that there are times when food is good and food is amazing. Let me enlighten you on a few points that will make that produce gamble have better odds.

First: Enter the grocery store, or market, or street vendor stand and be prepared to be intimate with your fruit. Yes, intimate… Mom if you’re reading this stop blushing…

I’ll stick with the peach example (although this technique will work for almost all fruits). Choose a peach that looks bright in color with even blushing. That means a pretty peach that changes from yellow to orange and red. Hold it in your hand. Does it feel heavy for its size? Can you see any discolorations or obvious bruising? Do you feel any soft spots?

Next- SMELL the fruit! I’m telling you…bring it right to your sniffer and smell it. It should smell very sweet and peachy (duh).

If your selection meets all of these requirements? If it does buy it baby! If it doesn’t keep repeating this technique until you find some winners. Nothing working? Buy frozen. Truthfully, there is nothing worse than spending too much money on bad fruit.

Oh, and know when you are planning on consuming this fruit. If it will be awhile, purchasing slightly under ripe produce is smart (and certainly better than ripe fruit rotting before you can get to it). Eating it the same day and you are good to go.

Always thinking of the next meal (and now thinking about eating a peach)



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