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Salt is salt… right?

22 Jul

Salt is not just salt. Salt is an enhancer, the key to unlocking the best flavors that food has to offer. So if salt is the enhancer, then is there a way to enhance salt? The answer… YES! By mixing herbs and other flavors into the salt you can make it even better. For lack of a better word, you can make a “compound salt.”

You can really add whatever you want to salt to give it extra flavor. Fresh herbs work great especially if you grill a lot. A herbed salt will not only make you meat sing, but will add a kick of flavor to otherwise one note grilling. Since I’ve previously made a compound salt with herbs, I thought I would try something else.

I am prepping a Greek Salad for my cousin’s bridal shower and as part of that is a marinated tomato. I had to peel the the skins off the tomatoes in order to maximize the marination and I was left with the skins of 7 tomatoes. Really I could have just thrown them out, but now I have a wonderful tomato salt that I can use on fish, steak or vegetables.

Here’s the recipe:

Tomato Compound Salt

Tomato Skins of 5-7 tomatoes
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 cup salt

in a food processor combine the salt, pepper and tomato skins. Spread the salt on a foil lined cookie sheet and bake at 250 for 30 minutes or until the salt mixture is dried out but not brown.


Give this one a try… it’s really easy way to jazz up the same old same old.

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